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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, a middle school student is upset after the assistant principal yanked a breast cancer awareness bracelet
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like this one. the rain is moving in but we have a chance for snow. first the search for a killer of an iraq war veteran. jackie bensen starts us off tonight. >> reporter: alonzo was an older student who came to howard last year on the gi bill after serving with the u.s. marine corps in iraq. in the year he was here he made a lot of friends and they are in shock tonight. >> it's sad to see someone go so young with so much potential. >> reporter: thomas played on howard's baseball team with alonzo. he can't believe the teammate is gone. >> just a cool guy to be around. he cracked jokes all the time. that was my buddy. i just seen him last week. that's the crazy thing about it. and then you get the news today and you will never see him again. >> reporter: along do was shot to death just after midnight on
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tuesday in mount rainier maryland. the police chief said it was a robbery gone bad. he was a sophomore music major at howard. this is the youtube video of a musical group he founded and wrote songs for. friends say he had it all, good looks, intelligence, talent and ambition tempered with humility and a desire to help others. >> his presence was big in the building. he would walk through smiling. he was hard to miss him. even people he didn't know he would say what's up and shake hand bus he was always smiling and happy. >> i spoke by phone to charles who says his nephew studied martial arts since he was five years old and was a standout football player in his florida high school and he believes that
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alonzo may have tried to physically stop the robbery with just terrible results. back to you. >> thank you. we are getting a first look at pictures taken inside the lululemon store in the hours after a worker was killed. some of the pictures are too bloody to show. they were entered into evidence in the trial of britney norwood. she is accused of killing her co-worker in may. in opening statements the defense lawyer admitted that norwood is the killer but the killing wasn't premeditated. the defense says it started as terrible fight and that britney lost it. tonight police in hanover county virginia say they think a missing boy is still alive. robert wood disappeared sunday at a battlefield park near kings dominion. crews are looking at two and a
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half square mile area. they left behind glow sticks to lead the boy to water and food in case he is frightened and hiding. people are asked to show up at the kings dominion parking lot at 9:00 in the morning if they want to help. a news4 exclusive where a boy's breast cancer bracelet was yanked off by school officials. >> i feel like i was trying to wear it for a good purpose and she was not letting me wear it. >> it's a bracelet that led to lawsuits against school districts across the country. shomari stone has more. >> reporter: this middle school student told me he wore the bracelet after watching nfl players on television wear pink to promote breast cancer awareness month. but you can see this student he wants this his bracelet back. >> feeling sad. >> reporter: brad is on a
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mission to remind people about breast cancer he wears pink shoe laces an nfl arm band on the football field but one thing is missing, his bracelet. >> it's not the same without everything. >> why is it not the same? >> because you have to have the whole thing not just one part of it. >> reporter: brad wore the bracelet that says i love boobs to raise awareness about breast cancer. when he raised his hands the bracelet raised eyebrows. >> were you doing anything inappropriate with the bracelet? >> i raised a hand to ask her a question and she asked for bracelet. >> were you making jokes? >> no, sir. >> were you disrupting class? >> no, sir. >> why did the substantiate principal remove your bracelet? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: the school district admits that the bracelet was
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removed and they said that the word boobies is in appropriate. >> what do you say to those who say the bracelet is inappropriate to school. >> i thought you could wear it constantly. it shows breast cancer awareness that people care and kids care. >> brad hopes the school will return his bracelet. so he can raise awarness off school property. >> do you want the bracelet back? >> yes, sir. >> why? >> i think i should have it back. >> reporter: the school officials tell me it is okay for students to wear the pink bracelets but the word boobies is inappropriate for school. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. the first snowfall of the
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season blanketed the denver area today. and it may not be long until we see snowflakes. is it true? >> nothing like this. don't worry about this. there is no reason for the shovels or snow blowers. but some may see a snowflake or two as we make our way into the day on saturday. outside right now, the doppler radar showing a few showers around town mostly up near the mason-dixon line and back in western portions of maryland. but there is more rain on the way and a lot of us potentially tomorrow morning. look at the rainmaking its way to the area. some of it falling apart but look at the rain around cincinnati. that is a train of moisture making its way our way. looking for showers tomorrow and rain tomorrow morning and you will need the coats. will the get cold. and i will update your snow
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chances in a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. we are learning that an iphone app helped d.c. police catch thieves in two incidents today. the first involved a man robbed in franklin park. they took his cell phone too. his wife in pennsylvania was able to use an app called find my friends to watch every move the robbers made. the app allows you to map the location of other iphone users. police were able to arrest the thieves 15 minutes later. >> i'm impressed and amazing that the metropolitan police department responded to quickly and didn't just say there is nothing we can do for you because this is about like looking for a needle in a hay stack. >> a similar scene played out in logan circle a few hours later. a man reports that a responding officer with an iphone used the same app to track down the man who robbed him. look at who is wanted by the
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fbi. agents say the guy wearing the hat with the fbi logo robbed the wells fargo bank in september and tried to rob another branch near dupont circumstance alweek later. he is armed and dangerous. full education funding tonight is back for active duty u.s. marines. that decision just comes days after local marines complained about the cuts to news4. john schriffen has the report about a major update to a story you saw here first. >> reporter: according to the department of defense enlisted members of the military are given $4500 a year to take classes while they are in active duty. but on october 1st that funding was cut by 80%. from the time our story first aired about this change it took less than a week for the u.s. marine corps to retreat. >> they ugt it would take more time. >> reporter: this marine who
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asked us to conceal his identity is thrilled to lunch that the tuition assistance program is back. he spoke out to news4 on friday an ray ri that the u.s. marine corps redoosed the $4500 down to $875, the only branch of the military to do the reduction. >> allows the marines to take one class a year. >> we feel we are being targeted. why the marines? we are the first to fight. we are the first to be out there making the ultimate sacrifice for the country? >> reporter: our report aired on friday. on monday leon panetta got involved and the department of defense told the marines to change the code to be in line with the rest of the military. >> it is important to note that it does not increase the budget for the program. in 2010 the tuition assistance program for all branchs cost
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$542 million. now the department of defense believes at $4500 per soldier the money will run out before this fiscal year is over. back to you. >> thanks, jon. clashes between police and occupy protesters in california landed an iraq war veteran in the hospital. he was struck in the head by a police projectile overnight. more than 100 protesters were arrested in the demonstrations. oakland police are investigating the incident and reviewing the agency's policies. a u.s. senator is calling for a new investigation into this fiery plane crash near buffalo new york that killed 50 people back in 2009. recently released company e-mails suggest the pilot of the colgan air flight may not have been ready to fly the plane. chuck schumer wants a senate hearing to find out why the e-mails were not released during
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the crash investigation. colgan air moved to tennessee after it was bought out by pinnacle airlines. republican presidential candidate mitt romney was in northern virginia today. romney took his campaign to volunteers at a fairfax county g.o.p. phone bank. the visit is meant to energize local campaigns ahead of the november 8th elections. >> i'm delighted that governor romney is here with us this morning. he believes that the first salvo in next year's campaign starts in the commonwealth of virginia. >> the visit fuelled the speculation that virginia governor bob mcdonnell is on the short list of vice presidential candidates. a bombshell from bernie madoff's wife. why she and her husband attempted to commit suicide. the first congressional aide to die in the line of duty. a life saving maneuver
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performed inside his own station. plus we'll tell you why y
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bernard madoff's wife ruth says that the public hatred was so strong that both of them tried to kill themselves. madoff spoke for the first time about the scheme that cost thousands of investors billions of dollars. >> i don't know whose idea it was. but we decided to kill ourselves because it was -- it was so horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. just beyond anything. and i said i can't -- i just can't go on any more. >> ruth says she and bernie tried to overdose on sleeping pills and mailed sentimental items to her sons ahead of the attempt but the overdose didn't work. a tribute planned for one of
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords's staff members is being held up. gabe was killed in the same attack that injured the congresswoman in january. debby wasserman schultzing wants to name a room after zimmerman in the visitors center and she is frustrated is it taking too long to pass that bill. a volunteer firefighter is credited with saving a fellow member of the force. shawn roth just returned from a call when he came upon a firefighter who was choking. he performed the heimlich maneuver. >> she was obviously in distress and then afterwards i reached around and gave her an abdominal thrust and a piece of food came out. >> she went back to work in the fire station setting up for a
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luncheon. she's a lucky woman that he was in the right place at the right time. >> for sure, a fire house. really, really? snow possible? >> it's so rare to see snow in october in our area. we're not going to see anything that is shutting down streets. it won't hard to travel. the temperatures will be warm enough that anything that does fall on the road will be melted quickly. it's not going to fall close to the d.c. area. don't worry about the snow. what you need to worry about is the potential nasty conditions tomorrow and really on saturday depending on the exact track and strength of the coastal storm coming up the coast. we hit a high of 68 and low of 52. the wednesdays have been on the wet side. the last six out of eight have had rain. there is more rain to come tomorrow being our thursday.
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tomorrow winds out of the north, northeast. cloudy skies. a few showers in culpepper county and up in the north in frederick and caroline county. more rain will move in overnight and you can see the rain back to the west moving into west virginia right now. heavier downpours here. most of it is dying out before it makes it is way over the mountains. but the rain moves with it and we'll see the rain tomorrow morning. that is energy piece number one. here's the secondary piece. that's the one that brought denver about 6 inches of snow. to the west of denver 10 to 18 inches of snow and that will make its way across the southeast and potentially move up the coast. that could bring us nasty conditions. showers tomorrow morning. that frontal boundary on top of us. expect rain tomorrow morning in most locations. most of it moderate, some of it
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heavy. but cooler air moves in. but then it will get really cool if not cold tomorrow night. look at the snow in pennsylvania and new york. they could see snow from one and then friday cloud cover and cool conditions. it looks like we will see rain and snow chances west of the washington area but could see fl flakes back there. this storm is tougher to predict. we're not dealing with much except for the cooler conditions. but right now good rains around the area with chilly conditions too. areas of rain tomorrow morning light to moderate. 51 to 55 degrees. tomorrow afternoon the temperatures warming up a little bit tomorrow into the 60s south of washington, 61 to 65. rain early and then showers the last mild day and the winds
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shift out of the northwest and a freeze watch in effect for frederick county and west virginia. so a cold night tomorrow. chilly on friday with a high of 54. 46 and a cold rain on saturday. and then 56 on monday and things dry out for the start of next week but the temperatures are below average. not a lot 06 to worry about but stay tuned. how saving the chesapeake bay could cost you in the bathroom. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we unveil the all-new 2012 m-class, we're actually introducing a vehicle built upon 125 years of engineering excellence. which is why, no matter what is happening in the world outside,
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they're back and at work and they need to work hard because we're about to be in trouble. >> underdogs once again and this game is north of the border in toronto. redskins getting ready for the buffalo bills but missing key components, deangelo hall, trent williams and london fletcher set out with injuries. there is good news though, santana moss could be back between three and six weeks is how long he is expected to be out. until then other receivers will step up. we could see nils paul in the starting line-up. >> i'm excited about this opportunity. i don't know a lot. all i know is i'm going to focus
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on making sure i know what i have to do out there and when there is a chance to make a play i will have to make it. >> i feel i can contribute. we have all been working hard. in the nfl you are going to have injuries. we have been hit so hard this season. but nobody is going to feel sorry for us. we can't feel sorry. that's our main goal and in the receivers' room is to step up. >> hathere is no excuses. no one is spotting us any points. they're not going to do that. they are trying to jump on top of us and take advantage of that just like we have to fight and bounce back. college football. pitt and uconn. it was a halloween party and the mike shanahan show. yes, this is mike shanahan on the catch and touchdown for
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pitt. pitt goes up 13-0. more mike shanahan. he can play football too. 27 yards if for score. two touchdowns. pitt downs connecticut 35-20. and no, asar as i know there is no relation to the other mike shanahan that we are all very familiar with. seems like the caps have been off photographer. the guys back at it tomorrow in edmonton where they continue their march to the best start in nhl history. they are 7-0 three wins away from matching the record for the best start to a season. the capitals played two road games thus far but in hostile environments. so they are 7-0 now starting the canadian road trip. and halpern says he can help the chemistry of the team for the long haul. >> the guys have a taste that there is something good here.
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you want to try to build and sometimes being together and going out the eat on the road and being able to after a game to be with each other as opposed to time at home with friends and family in town you are going to dinner after the game and talking about everything going on and having a few laughs. i think guys enjoy it. >> i'm sure they all get along. but i don't think we need a road trip for that. but they spend a lot of time every day together. but to me it's just going to be a great test. when you go out west is it hard for the eastern teams to win out west. >> amazing how hockey changes people. jeff halpern from potomac. sounds like he is from canada. >> did that 10-0 team win the >> did that 10-0 team win the st
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what's healthier than that?
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one of the efforts to save the bay could cost people in maryland more money to flush the toilet. a state task force is recommending a tripling of the flush fee. it is $30 a year. a proposal under consideration with sound effects and all would hike it to $60 by 2013 and $90 by 2015. it pays for sewerage treatment plants and septic
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